Review of the Slot Game “Sea of Riches”

iSoftBet’s first cluster paying grid slot, Sea of Riches, is a pirate-themed affair set on the seven seas. Even though they went with a fairly familiar topic, iSoftBet’s execution ensures that it doesn’t become a distraction. Sea of Riches may not be a game-changing experience due to its Play’n GO-inspired features, but the game’s many parts work well together to provide a fun experience. While die-hard fans of grid-style slots might be disappointed by Sea of Riches’s technical shortcomings, casual players should have a blast with its laid-back approach.

The balmy, exotic waters and palm tree-lined shores of the opening splash screen are a promising omen for the rest of Sea of Riches. Even if there’s a shark-shaped cave lurking in the distance, Sea of Riches isn’t exactly a wild ride. Clustering occurs on a 6×6 grid in the center, and two collecting meters are displayed on the right. Good sailing conditions for pirates are depicted in the background’s crashing seas and swiftly moving clouds. Having a snarling pirate captain and a peppy tune to dance to just add to the allure of the situation.

The standard iSoftBet betting options, ranging from 20 p/c for the low rollers to £/€20 per spin for the high rollers, are available. The studio likely set the amount of volatility to medium in order to please the largest possible audience. In Sea of Riches, a winning combination consists of five or more identical symbols linked horizontally or vertically. After a winning cluster is broken apart via a cascade mechanism, new symbols drop into place to complete the grid. This continues until there are no longer any new clusters.

The game’s symbols are a touch lackluster, but they do the job: 5 coins make up the lower half of the paytable, while 4 gems make up the top half. The best clusters consist of 15+ symbols and pay out anywhere from 3.75 times to 150 times the wager. Wrapping up this section is a tentacle-wrapped wild that may substitute for any pay symbol to complete clusters.

Slot Features in the Sea of Wealth

The iSoftBet slots are laid out in a grid, as is customary for this type of game, and subsequent cluster wins activate bonuses and further spins. A map-collecting element is added on top of this system to switch players around across areas.

When a player collects 25 of the bottle symbols, they advance to the next level and reveal the next section of the treasure map. There are a total of four stages; after completing the fourth, you are taken back to the beginning. Wildseas are a random spin-loss modifier that vary across levels.

Kraken’s Wild Bet: 5-10 Symbols Turned Wild by His Tentacles.

Tornado crazy Storm: Makes 3-9 symbols crazy.

When a whale splashes its tail, it leaves behind a pattern of five wilds.

The reels gain 2–5 wild multipliers when a phantom galleon sails into the screen.

A distinct reel modifier, such as:, is activated when the Captain’s Compass is charged by a winning cluster on the reels.

One to three barrels of rum roll over the reels, turning anywhere from three to six symbols into the same one.

Shots from a musket can knock out anywhere from five to twelve symbols, setting off a cascade.

One to three cannonballs can be fired, each clearing out a row of symbols and setting off a fresh cascade.

The Swarm O’Parrots move has a flock of birds swoop down and remove 10–15 symbols from the board before setting off a chain reaction.

If the Captain’s Compass is charged by 48 or more winning symbols, the player receives 5-15 Stormin’ Free Spins. During the bonus game, the compass can be struck by lightning up to three times, each time increasing the win multiplier. For the subsequent free spins, the multiplier will begin at 1.

Gambling Decisions in the Slot Game “Sea of Riches”

Sea of Riches has a lot going for it considering it’s competing for the top spot on the grid. The beautiful Caribbean sea that appears on the load screen is just the beginning of Sea of Riches’ appeal. The images and soundtrack will transport you to a world where sea dogs rule and keep you engaged while you’re there. Consistent clusters occur, first launching spins with modifiers, then free spins after collecting map pieces. A lighthearted pirate music floats in the background while the captain chatters excitedly, naming features as they are activated. The vibe is upbeat and contagious, making it difficult to resist joining in.

However, anyone seeking a powerful grid position will likely be underwhelmed. You don’t need grit to keep playing Sea of Riches through the boring stretches in the hopes of flipping the correct switch and seeing the action become wild. It has a wild side, but that’s not why it was designed. If you’re a player who doesn’t want to feel like you’ve been hanged, drawn, and quartered if you don’t win big, this is the game for you. The mathematical approach maintains a smooth current when things are aligning or almost aligning on the grid. Some players may become frustrated with Sea of Riches since the features it does have are triggered by the same old cluster collecting method. There’s also the disappointingly low upside of 2,416 times the wager.

Forgetting about the above two issues, iSoftBet has created a simple yet entertaining pirate game, perfect for relaxing sessions of grid slot activity. It’s entertaining to look at, has a pleasant tone, and never lacks for things to do. It’s debatable whether or not there’s enough activity for serious gamblers. Instead of high seas debauchery, casual players might expect something more akin to Disney’s It’s a Small World.