Hi-Lo Slot Overview

Hacksaw Gaming developed scratch cards before taking over the online slot market. Even after Wanted Dead or a Wild and Hand of Anubis exploded the slot landscape, the company hasn’t abandoned other betting methods. Here comes Hi-Lo. Hacksaw Gaming’s Dare2Win game Hi-Lo is a basic gambling game with easy rules that players can master in minutes.

In contrast to online slots, Hi-Lo is played with real playing cards. Bets on binary outcomes are the aim. Hi-Lo’s visuals reflect this simplicity. The gaming zone is only a huge playing card with an arrow on top right, a Bet button below, and four betting possibilities on either side. This simple gambling game has a loungey, almost tropical music and basic controls so players may try their luck.

There aren’t many statistical topics either. Volatility is considered ‘Variable’, therefore little is known. More easy RTP and Hi-Lo are available with six variants with varied return values. Four options are between 98% and 88%. The minimum bet selection stake is 20 p/c, escalating to £/€100 at various intervals.

Hi-Lo Slot Features

To play Rules, Hi-Lo. First, you can skip the card on the screen as many times as you like for free by hitting the top right arrow button. When you like the card, click Bet to start a live game. The amount of cards you can skip throughout a round is limited. Four betting options appear when you’re ready:

Black – a prediction of a black card.

Speculation that the following card will be red.

Higher or same – a prediction that the following card will be higher or the same. Hi-Lo’s highest-value card is King.

Lower or same – a prediction that the following card will be lower or the same. Hi-Lo’s lowest card is Ace.

Each bet button has two numbers: the win and the probability of guessing accurately. A correct estimate updates the collected amount. After an accurate guess, players can collect this amount before guessing again, ending the round. A gaming round finishes when a guess is lost. After then, players can start a new round.

A complete deck is used to choose the following card in a game. This allows the same card to land twice, and previous and present cards do not effect odds.

Hi-Lo: Slot Results

Humans have gambled for a long time, and Hi-Lo’s betting method made us ponder what the initial bet was. We’ll never know, and since it happened a long time ago, we can only speculate: ‘I’ll bet you 3 arrows it rains tomorrow’, or ‘I’ll see your 3 arrows and raise you 2 bushels of wheat that it not only doesn’t rain tomorrow but a stampede of woolly mammoths will charge across the tundra.’ or ‘Whatever, I’ll see you, plus also wager that next week writing is invented and the ice age ends.’ So on, until now, when a wide selection of gaming possibilities are available at the touch of a button or screen.

The galaxy of betting options includes Hacksaw Gaming’s Hi-Lo. Hi-Lo may be worth a try for a basic card game with more complexity than expected. The game is simple. Most of the time, you just have to predict the color or if the following card will be the same or higher or lower. Easy. Then click a few buttons to start betting. Hi-Lo lets players bypass unfavorable cards, which may increase interest. Doing so gives a sense of control, albeit how real it is is debatable. It’s fun to skip till you reach a 2 and then press Higher Or Same. The odds rely on the likelihood of being correct or wrong. If a 3 appears, you may courageously hit Lower Or Same.

On its finest roll, Hi-Lo can earn 5,000x the bet, so luck and heroism can clash. Or not. Hi-Lo was a delightful sideshow, but its simplicity may have been a drawback.